5 Reasons You'll Probably Like Installing Web-Based Card Access Control Systems In Your Rental Units


Right now, you might use normal locks and keys to protect your rental units. You might have used them for years and might not think there is any reason to swap them out now. However, installing web-based card access control systems in your rental units could actually be a good idea. Five reasons why you will probably like doing this can be found below. 1. They Can Be Used for Different Types of Properties

7 September 2022

Do You Need A Fire Alarm If You Have Installed A Smoke Detector?


Yes, you do. Surprisingly, most homeowners assume since fire and smoke go hand in hand, a smoke detector can serve both roles. However, they are different gadgets with different functions in the home. Therefore, they cannot be substitutes. To achieve optimal safety, it is essential to install both devices. Here is a  look at how they work to help you understand why you also need to install a fire alarm system.

1 July 2022

4 Ways Installing Residential Camera Systems Can Enhance Safety and Security


Not so long ago, only a handful of homeowners and business owners installed camera systems on their premises. But these systems have since become more affordable and so readily available that most property owners now have advanced cameras systems. If you want to join the millions of homeowners who have decided to feel safer, but aren't sure whether it is a step in the right direction, this article will discuss the benefits of having residential camera systems in your home.

22 February 2022