Do You Need A Fire Alarm If You Have Installed A Smoke Detector?


Yes, you do. Surprisingly, most homeowners assume since fire and smoke go hand in hand, a smoke detector can serve both roles. However, they are different gadgets with different functions in the home. Therefore, they cannot be substitutes. To achieve optimal safety, it is essential to install both devices. Here is a  look at how they work to help you understand why you also need to install a fire alarm system.  

Differences in How They Operate

Smoke detectors are smoke-sensing devices. After sensing smoke, they will either signal the central alarm system or activate it to warn you once they sense numerous smoke particles lurking in the air.  

There are three ways a smoke detector can work. First, it can use a dual-sensor that uses ions and photoelectric beams to sense smoke. Second, it can use ionization, a chamber to sense smoke particles and their movement. These are the most common detector types since they are more affordable and detect even small amounts of smoke. Lastly, they can be photoelectric—they use a light beam to sense smoke. 

On the other hand, fire alarms are gadgets that detect both heat and smoke. They come in different types, each with distinguishing features. Some fire alarms can signal a fire in a house, alert the relevant authorities, or activate fire extinguishing measures.

A common type of fire alarm is one with a sprinkler system. Once the system detects a fire, it automatically activates a sprinkler system once the heat reaches high levels. Some systems also have a warning system with flashing lights or other visual elements to display a warning to the hearing impaired.

Why You Need a Fire Alarm

Unfortunately, most homeowners aim to cut costs by having a smoke detector or alarm, hoping it will also serve as a fire alarm. However, smoke detectors don't sense heat. Instead, they are only equipped to sense smoke and alert the household.

A fire alarm detects heat and smoke and helps protect and save lives in the home and your property. You can get a fire alarm with a sprinkler system to reduce damage and help maximize fire control. Some fire alarm systems also notify the relevant authorities for a faster response.

Fire alarms also help with insurance discounts as most companies offer discounted rates for homes that have installed a code-compliant alarm. 

In Closing

Fire is important during cooking, and you may light it to keep yourself warm. However, you must be meticulous around a fire and take precautionary steps to save your life and possessions. To be safer, install a fire alarm alongside a smoke detector.


1 July 2022

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