4 Best Places To Install CCTV Security Cameras In Your Home


CCTV security cameras allow you to monitor your home from any location, ensuring your property is safe and secure 24/7. Also, the sight of security cameras can deter potential intruders from breaking in. With suitable CCTV security cameras and proper installation, you can significantly save on insurance premiums since insurers will perceive your property as low-risk.

However, you must install the cameras in suitable locations to make the most of these benefits. Discover four priority spots for installing your CCTV cameras.

1. The Backyard

When burglars want to break into your property, they'll likely try to get in through the backyard. This is because burglars assume they're less likely to be seen if they access your property from the backyard.

A CCTV camera helps you monitor the backyard areas you rarely visit. But be sure to install the camera in a hidden spot, so a potential burglar won't know they're being watched. You may also use a night vision CCTV camera to monitor your backyard at night when burglars become more active and daring.

2. The Front Door

Installing a security camera near your front door is one of the most effective ways to protect your property from intruders. This spot lets you see who accesses your home through the front door.

The camera also records anyone approaching the house — friends, family members, or possible intruders. This will allow you to implement any safety measures if needed.

If you have children who play in your front yard, the front door CCTV camera can also offer a good vantage point to monitor their play.

3. The Window Areas

For maximum protection against burglaries and break-ins, installing CCTV cameras in all your windows is advisable. These cameras detect suspicious movement around the windows and alert you on time for possible danger.

You can also use these cameras to monitor who enters or exits your home through the window — this tip is beneficial if you have kids or pets at home who may access the house through windows.

Be sure to install the cameras high enough that burglars can't pull them down. Or, install interior CCTV security cameras that face the windows for assurance.

4. The Garage

The garage is where you store valuables, making the space a target for intruders. Therefore, install a CCTV camera near your garage to provide much-needed monitoring and security.

Make sure to install the camera in a place where intruders won't easily find it, like the facing walls of your garage. Also, you may use an interior camera to monitor the inside of the garage.

CCTV security cameras are one of the best ways to keep an eye on your property and get peace of mind even when you are away. Prioritize the areas above during CCTV security camera installation, but while at it, consider Wi-Fi signal strength and camera angle to get the maximum advantage out of your security system.

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9 January 2023

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