Are Video Surveillance Systems Legal?


Are you thinking of installing video surveillance cameras on your property? If so, the first question on your mind is the legality of such systems. Can you install the video surveillance systems without permission? 

These issues are discussed below.

Do You Need Permission?

It depends on where you intend to install the video surveillance cameras. You can't install surveillance cameras on your neighbor's property and expect a free pass. Similarly, you can't install these cameras on public properties without the necessary approvals. 

If the cameras are on your property, you have free reign with a few caveats. For example, to avoid legal problems, you can keep the cameras off private areas such as the bathroom and bedroom. You can install video surveillance cameras in your home, just be sure to mind the privacy of the house occupants. 

Can You Have Hidden Cameras?

Hidden cameras are legal, provided they're used as stipulated by privacy laws. You can find hundreds of tutorials on ways to hide cameras in your home and workplace online. However, before you buy such cameras and hide them, think of the ramifications. Consult a professional before you decide to add hidden cameras to your video surveillance system. 

Can You Install Outdoor Security Cameras?

Yes, you can install outdoor cameras around your property. You have seen doorbell cameras and CCTV cameras on private and public properties. However, as you install outdoor video surveillance cameras, ensure that they don't point directly to your neighbor's room or private space. 

Your cameras should only cover your property and public property. If you're uncertain about the best place to install outdoor cameras, be sure to consult a security systems company. They'll help you figure out the laws and any gray legality zones. 

Declaration and Legality 

If you intend to install cameras in public areas such as hotels, stores, and office spaces, you'll need to let the public know about these cameras. Inform people they're being recorded every time they step onto these public properties. 

Ideally, you can use signs to notify the public of your video surveillance systems. If your video surveillance cameras are intended for home use, ensure that you notify the occupants. Also, notify any workers who you contract. 

If you intend to install hidden cameras, ensure that you notify your maid or visitors verbally. Keep in mind that you can't legally install these hidden cameras all over your house. Therefore, understand the laws governing surveillance systems before you install one in your home. 

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29 July 2021

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