4 Times Your Business Should Change Access Control Methods


A door access control system is a valuable upgrade for any small business who wants to improve security and better manage who can go where. But when should you change your access control methods or technology? Here are a few of the most important times to take this proactive step. 

1. To Change Verification Methods

All access control systems use verification methods to allow entry or deny it. These methods may involve something the use (such as a fob or card), something they enter (like a code), or a piece of biometric data. However, your method might not be a permanent solution. If employees regularly forget their cards, you might switch to a PIN or code system. If they are sharing codes, you might need a biometric system instead. 

2. To Improve Emergency Access

When an emergency happens, how does your access control system respond? Does it quickly allow for emergency exit in case of fire or a power outage? Can you use it to block elevators when they shouldn't be used? Can someone off-site unlock doors remotely or trigger the system to do so? Evaluate how security works when things go wrong and make adjustments to your system to ensure the safety of everyone. 

3. To Keep Up with Technology

Like any industry, the world of business security continues to develop better and better methods. Is your business benefiting from advances? Technology like access control can improve at a rapid pace, so a system that is even a few years old may not provide the best safety and protection any more. Keep abreast of changes in security and work with a quality security company to learn when new ideas can add value. 

4. To Adjust to Business Needs

Different means of granting access are appropriate for different uses. The way you use your business site changes over time. For instance, if you start work on a prototype or intellectual property in one section, you may want to upgrade to biometric data since this is the most secure form of access control. On the other hand, offices that once held payroll data but are now general shared offices may warrant a security downgrade. 

Where to Start

Could your security features use reevaluation based on any of these common changes? No matter whether you want to use the best technology, better match security to current needs, or keep everyone safe in an emergency, it may be time to consider a change in access control methodology. Learn more about your options by meeting with a security service in your area today. 


5 January 2021

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