Streamline The Steps Needed To Secure Your Building


If you own a factory and are responsible for locking up various parts of the building and rely upon a night watchman to finish securing the building before he heads home, how many keys are the two of you responsible for? Large key rings and a vast number of keys may be awkward items to carry around. Using a master key system to reduce the amount of keys that are in circulation can be a great way to improve efficiency and security.

One Lost Key Can Result In Devastation

Imagine losing a key to the main entrance or gate that surrounds your factory. Calling a locksmith may cross your mind, but then you have to wait for the technician to arrive and create a duplicate key for the lock. If you decided against hiring a service person, you are leaving the property unprotected and an intruder could enter and damage items or steal valuable materials that are needed to run your business.

With a master key system, one single key can be used to lock and unlock a group of doors. This will ensure that you and your night watchman have access to the entire building, but will continue to restrict your employees from entering areas that are out of bounds.

A Built-In Cabinet Can Be Used For Extra Keys

It is smart to order replacement keys, even if you are pretty confident that the original ones won't be misplaced. In a busy situation, you could accidentally head home with a master key in your pocket and this could be problematic if you were going to grant someone access to a part of the building and your security guard does not have a spare key to open one or more of the doors. A built-in cabinet that contains hooks can be used for duplicate keys or original ones that are not currently being used.

Use a numbering system to keep up with the keys. For example, if the cabinet contains several hooks, place a numbered label behind each hook. Use small numbered stickers to organize the keys and make sure that the keys are hung from the proper hooks, immediately before heading home.

Restrict your employees from opening the cabinet. If you want to eliminate any temptation, associated with opening the cabinet and taking one or more of the keys to the building, install the cabinet inside of your office. Choose a concealed area for the cabinet, such as in a closet or a corner of the room. 

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30 December 2019

Understanding Basic and Advanced Security Systems

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