Considerations When Buying A Home Security System For Your Rental Home Or Apartment


Your home needs a good security system even if you just rent rather than own your home. A home security system helps keep you safe if you live in an apartment, condo, or house. However, when you rent, you can't install the features permanently, and you may be prohibited from even drilling holes to mount cameras and alarms. Here are some things to consider when you buy a home security system as a renter.

The Length Of The Contract

You can buy a security system that you monitor yourself so you have no ongoing fees, but you'll get the best protection if you use a system that monitors your home remotely. However, you can run into problems with this when you rent. Some security monitoring systems require a contract that lasts longer than a yearly lease on your rental home. One way around that is to choose a company that lets you move the system to another home if you move. You could also choose a company that offers short-term contracts for renters.

DIY Installation

Before you buy a security system, understand the needs for mounting it. You can buy wireless systems that don't need to connect to home wiring for easy DIY installation. Also consider how you can mount the cameras without drilling holes or damaging walls. You may need cameras that rest on a shelf and small alarms that can stick to the window frames with adhesive. By figuring out how you'll mount the system before you buy it, you can avoid getting the cameras and other parts home and realizing there's no way to use them when you're not allowed to drill or nail things into the walls. Fortunately, some home security systems realize the needs of renters and make systems for easy DIY installation that can be set up and moved around without the need for permanent mounting.

Rules On Video Monitoring

You can buy the same features in a security system for a rental home as a homeowner would have. These include a hub, motion sensors, fire and carbon monoxide monitors, and video cameras. However, when you live in an apartment, you must make sure you abide by rules of the complex when installing a video camera. You might not be allowed to place a video camera by your door or windows if they show activity in hallways, or the pool due to privacy concerns of other residents. Check your lease, or talk to the apartment manager about how you can use video cameras in your apartment.


7 February 2019

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