Can You Afford A Home Security System?


You've seen it on television a thousand times: the bad guy tries to enter and the security system goes off, automatically summoning help. No doubt you've thought about how great it would be to have such a system, but you may have rejected the notion because you think you cannot afford it. When you consider the advantages, you may find that installing a security system is actually a practical step. 


Of course, the cost of home security systems varies drastically, but you should be able to have a system installed and monitored for a year for under $1,000. After that initial investment, you will only be paying for the monitoring and any necessary repairs or upgrades. After year one, your monthly cost could be as low as $20. If you are the victim of a burglary, you will be on the hook for the deductible on your homeowner's insurance policy before you collect for any stolen items. Also, if you do have a security system added to your home, you can expect a reduction in your insurance rates, since your risk of burglary will be lowered. In the long run, you may save money.


The risk for being the target of a break-in is somewhat high in this country. Statistics show that a home is broken into every fourteen seconds in the U.S. Your chances of being targeted increase dramatically if you live in the city or in the southern part of the nation. Also, it usually takes a thief only one minute to gain entrance to your home, so you do not have much time to react. Fortunately, once you have your security system installed, many criminals will be deterred by its very existence. In fact, up to nine out of ten thieves will not even attempt to break into your home if you have a security system. Investing in this type of security protects you physically, but also mentally. Once you have a security system, you gain peace of mind that is worth more than the cost of your unit. 

Even if you own a modest home filled with modest possessions, you could be the target of thieves. You want to protect the items you own, but, more importantly, you need to protect your family members. Installing a home security system is more affordable than you might think and often pays for itself after a number of years. When crime is still so prevalent, you really should protect your home with all the tools available. Contact security companies in your area to learn more.  


23 May 2016

Understanding Basic and Advanced Security Systems

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