Exposing A Few Misconceptions About Home Security Alarms


Unfortunately, there are some homeowners that make the assumption that the locks on their doors are sufficient for securing the house. However, a home security system can be an excellent way of enhancing the security of your house, but you may be dissuaded from committing to this upgrade if you are under the impression that the following misconceptions are true.

An Alarm Will Only Scare Away Burglars

There are some homeowners that may be under the impression that a home security system will only sound a loud alarm during a burglary. While many of these systems will sound an audible alarm, it is also possible to buy a security system that can alert a monitoring agency or the local authorities to the problem. Having this type of alarm will require you to pay a monthly monitoring fee, but this can be a minor price to pay for the security of your house.

Alarms Only Monitor For Break-Ins

Break-ins can be one of the more frightening threats that your home may experience, but it is not the only one. Fires can be another source of serious damage and major injuries. Fortunately, many modern security systems can monitor for fires as well as criminal activity. Also, you may be able to have the system outfitted so that you can use in the event of a medical emergency.

It Is Too Expensive To Install A Security System

A modern security system can be somewhat expensive to purchase and install. This may discourage individuals from opting to have these systems installed. However, you may be able to utilize discounts on your homeowner's insurance as a way to offset this investment in your home. Many insurance agencies will offer discounts for homeowners that make security enhancing upgrades. The exact requirements for receiving this discount can vary from one insurance company to another, which means that you will need to speak with your agent to make sure you choose a security system that will qualify you for this discount.

Installing a security system can be an excellent way of improving your home's safety, but you can overlook these systems if you are giving credit to some popular notions. Understanding that these systems can contact the authorities, monitor for fires and medical emergencies as well as the fact that you may be able to use insurance discounts to help you offset the sizable initial investment that this system will require. For more information, talk to a professional like Murrell Burglar Alarms.


6 May 2016

Understanding Basic and Advanced Security Systems

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