Types Of Fire Sprinklers


Fire sprinklers are one of the most frequently used fire suppression systems, and there are several types that can be installed. Each type has its own benefits, from quickness of action to cost. Here are the four main types and the reasons to choose each one. 

Wet Pipe Sprinklers 

Wet pipe sprinklers are essentially spring-loaded with water, so that they can begin to release the water as soon as they are triggered. Wet pipe sprinklers are found very commonly in office buildings and other large surface areas because they are quite cost effective. They are best used in buildings that are maintained at room temperature, however, because the pipes hold the risk of freezing and potentially bursting in low temperatures. Since the pipes are full of water all the time, a single burst area can release a lot of unwanted water into the building. 

Dry Pipe Sprinklers

On the other hand, dry pipe sprinklers are a good option if you are not working in a temperature controlled area. Warehouses, for example, might use dry pipe sprinklers as a fairly cost-effective alternative to wet pipe fire sprinklers. These sprinklers work by using pressurized air along with water to smother the fire. The pressurized air system helps water to start flowing in the pipes quickly after they are activated, although it may take a minute or so before the water takes effect. 

Pre-Action Sprinklers

A pre-action sprinkler set provides an added layer of protection for areas where an accidental water sprinkle could cause a lot of damage. For instance, in a computer server room or an area where a lot of documents are stored, a false alarm could create a lot of unwanted damage. Pre-action sprinklers use a combination of air and water to suppress fires, and the water component must be triggered before it kicks on. 

Deluge Sprinklers

Deluge sprinklers are the final option, and they are a less common type of sprinkler that is used mainly in areas where flammable liquids and materials are common. The deluge sprinkler has a large nozzle that allows a large amount of water to be released at one time. 

Although there are common recommendations for your type of building and the space's needs, it's often a good idea to review each of these fire suppression systems with a specialist to choose the one that matches your activities most closely. Any of these sprinklers can be a great option for providing fire safety. 

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5 May 2016

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