Home Security Issues You Should Be Concerned With


When you are thinking about home security, you want to make sure you know the different ways you can secure your home. This includes doing things that put you at risk of increasing your likeliness of having your home victimized. This article will provide you with detailed information on the things you should and should not be doing with regards to security.

Don't expose your keys in public

Newer technology allows for tech-savvy criminals to use a 3D printer to print functional keys off of a picture. What this means is you can set your keys up on the counter at the store and someone can take a picture of those keys with their smartphone. They can then use that picture to program their 3D printer to make a duplicate key. This key can then be used to steal your car or to break into your home. For this reason, keep your keys concealed when you are in public places.

Don't hide your keys in hide-a-rocks

Some stores sell fake rocks to hide keys in so you, a family member, or a friend can get at the house key when you don't have one on you. However, most criminals know all about these hide-a-key rocks, and this means they will easily spot yours and have instant access to your house.

Have a locksmith check your locks

The best way for you to know that all of your locks are solid and secure is to have them looked over by a professional locksmith. Any locks they feel are lacking should be replaced with better ones. While they are looking over the locks, they can check the door jams to make sure they are stable enough to prevent a criminal from being able to just pop their way into your home with a little bit of force.  

Install a security system

One of the best ways for you to make sure your home is well-secured is to have a security system installed that covers all the doors, all the windows, has cameras and offers you remote access. You should also make sure you put the systems advertising sticker in the window and the yard sign in the yard, if your system comes with these things. Therefore, anyone thinking about breaking in to your home will know it is protected and this will more than likely send them in another direction out of fear of being caught in the act. Contact a company like MD Electrical LLC for more info.


3 May 2016

Understanding Basic and Advanced Security Systems

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