Important Facts About Home Security Every Homeowner Needs To Know


When you know your home is is safe from intruders, you can rest better at night. If you have not taken steps to ensure your home is as safe as it can possibly be, doing so is a good idea and an important investment. Learn more about how your home can be safer and how you may be making it easy for thieves to find their way into your home.

Taking Away The Obvious

If you hide your extra house key under the mat at the front door or under a rock in a flowerbed, removing it a safer hiding place is best. Many homeowners have placed house keys in fake rocks near the front door only to come home and find an intruder found it and opened the door to their house. The same is also true about placing a key under your front mat, places thieves look first for extra hidden keys. Instead, put an extra key in a key holder hidden in your car. You might also think about hiding your house key in bird feeders or under your dog's house. Think about places in your landscape that no one would think about looking for your extra house key.

Surveillance Cameras Are Effective Deterrents

Placing security cameras in areas around your home that are easy to see is a good idea. In fact, even a fake security camera can work to deter a thieve. However, if you are considering fake cameras, make sure they do have lights that give them the appearance of being on. Placing cameras above your front door or at the top of your garage door is best. If you have a home security system installed, you can add real video surveillance and you can monitor it from anywhere you have internet access. Your investment in a home security system is a great way to protect you your family and your property from harm and theft.

Be Careful On Social Media Websites

You may be surprised at how much an experienced thief can learn about you and your family from the posts you put on social media websites. Be careful about posting information about the vacation you going on or about someone being ill in a hospital that you plan to stay with. These are tip-offs to a thief that your home is going to be vacant and unprotected. If you have kids on social media, be sure to instruct them about how their posts can lead intruders straight to your front door.

Give Your Little Dog A Big Dog Bark

While your small dog may be ferocious, he or she probably wouldn't frighten away an intruder that is intent on getting into your home. Having the sound of a big dog barking inside your home is a good way to make an intruder think twice about going in. Some security systems have barking dog alarms that will change from a dog barking to alert his owners of an intruder to a dog barking that is becoming aggressive and agitated, a sure benefit if the first barking sound does not have an impact on someone trying to break in.

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22 April 2016

Understanding Basic and Advanced Security Systems

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